Driver Retention: This is why your best drivers quit

In Europe, there is currently a 21% shortage of drivers in the freight transport sector and a supply shortage of 19% in the bus and coach sector. So, why is there such a stark shortage? Why are managers across the chauffeur and delivery space struggling to hold onto drivers?

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How can the taxi sector stay in the game?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to this challenge. However, it’s clear that the public is opting for the mdern transport solutions. How will the future look like, for the taxi sector?

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Road Safety: Young or old, does it matter?

Young people are often at the heart of road safety controversy. On the other hand, elders tend to be quite dismissive and condescending.

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leasing company drivers

Do leasing companies know who their best drivers are?

Customers of leasing companies always want more. Where else can they save money? With positive reinforcement, combined with data-driven tips and tricks!

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Transport solutions for fleets spending money unnecessarily

Running a fleet incurs significant costs for transport companies. Between hiring, fuel, insurance and maintenance costs, expenditure is particularly high for transport services.

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Exciting transport innovations of the 21st century

Transport has experienced a seriously impressive upgrade in recent decades. Between commercial flights, electric vehicles, and public transport, getting from A to B is only becoming more efficient.

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Driving jobs – The reality of how drivers are treated

On average, delivery drivers across the globe are paid minimum wage. Other than expenses and fuel costs, fleet companies don’t tend to pay their drivers too well.

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