Flying home for Christmas? │ Think again

Christmas is an event all hailed with utmost felicity and joy, and we certainly love to spend with our loved ones, isn’t it? That’s why the number of flights during Christmas is at its peak. 

Are you thinking of flying back to your family this Christmas? Well, you might want to rethink. 

Is Flying the Best Option? 

We want you to reach your family safe, but let us warn you that flying is not always the best option. You can encounter any unexpected event which can ruin your Christmas plan. 

Last Christmas, people had to go through a lot while moving towards their loved ones. From the painful coronavirus tests to two weeks long quarantine, everything made them rethink their flying decision. 

Governments acted like strict parents and tried to confine people to their homes. That’s why travelling by public transport was made arduous, and many states had put a ban on interstate public transport. 

There is always a kid in every house who listens to none and follows no rule. Some people behaved like that and used their cars to comfortably travel to their loved ones.

So if you want to reach your favourite fellows on time, we recommend you to be prepared to face these situations and plan your trip accordingly. 

Analyse your preference, situation due to Covid-19, load on airlines and your comfort. Thus you will be able to avoid any unexpected circumstances. 

Let us share some stories from last Christmas. 

Mishaps of Flights You Should Learn From 

Many people booked flights to meet their spouse or parents at Christmas. Everyone wanted to be with their loved ones on that occasion. That’s why the load on airlines increased beyond their limit. The corona SOPs made it harder for airlines to manage a huge number of people. Conducting virus tests, managing quarantine of people, and ensuring SOPs made all situations a headache for airlines. The result was delayed flights where people hardly reached the last minute.

  • Reaching home post-Christmas. 

We would not like to disclose the name due to privacy concerns, but a person told in a Reddit thread how he reached home on the night of 25 December because of a delayed flight. Another person said that she was able to reach home on the morning of 26th December. One extreme case was found where a person was sent to two weeks of isolation, and he enjoyed his Christmas on the 10th of January. Oh my, oh my.. !

  • Cancelled trips 

Last year, many airlines behaved like a friend who cancelled plans at the last moment. Consequently, many people had to spend Christmas far from their close ones as they could not arrange another flight in that short time. 

A sad soul told how he had to spend Christmas in his dormitory alone on his Facebook timeline. His words depicted how bad he felt last Christmas. In the comments of the same post, his friend said that he wasn’t able to visit his girlfriend on Christmas. They were trying to celebrate their first Christmas together, but thanks to airlines who ruined their moment. They had to spend another Christmas at a zoom meeting. 

  • Trouble and tiredness 

Some people, fortunately, reached their home on time, but that was not a smooth journey at all. They had to pay the cost in the form of changing multiple flights, waiting for hours at the airport, and getting back to back through the same painful coronavirus test on each checkout. 

Not only that, after reaching their homeland, they had to go through a two weeks quarantine before meeting their families. It wasn’t easy for anyone to pass these hurdles, but the love of the family kept them going. 

An asthmatic girl described how painful it was for her to go through the swab test again and again at three airports when travelling from Australia to London. The cost of meeting her family was all the physical pain and mental trauma she suffered in quarantine. 

In the words of Chandler Bing, could it be any tougher?

  • Responsibility of airlines 

Every Christmas, we see many people travelling around to their loved ones. Airlines know how important this event is, and they should have prepared for the circumstances in SOPs of coronavirus. But unfortunately, no one handled this responsibly, and in return, poor travellers had to pay the price of this irresponsible and unprepared behaviour. 

What are the worst and best days for flights? 

We understand that this is 2021, and there are certain distances where you are bound to take flights. In such a situation, prefer taking flights on certain dates since there is a lower chance of flight delays or cancellations on these days. Book flights of the following dates pre and post-Christmas. 

  • 18 December
  • 19 December 
  • 31 December 

Following dates have the worst records of flight delays and cancellations. Do not book your flights on these dates. 

  • 22 December 
  • 23 December 
  • 26 December 
  • 29 December 

Bottom Line 

Keeping the present circumstances and past incidents in mind, the flight, is the worst option to travel by. But in case you are bound to travel by flight, go for the recommended dates. 

We recommend you to travel by road for shorter distances. In this way, you can avoid all the trouble caused due to flights. No delays & no fear of missing the Christmas celebrations! 

Drivestar wishes you a happy holiday season and safe travel. Celebrate with your loved ones and create cherished memories.