The Real Effect Navigation App Has On Safe Driving

Did you know the number of road accidents in Europe was reported to be over 5,400 in 2020? Most of these accidents resulted from drivers being distracted. We believe that the culprit behind these accidents were navigation apps.

The use of GPS has been frequent since the first time it surfaced in 1999. However, it came into the spotlight after the 2000s due to the invention of the navigation app. With time, such apps scattered to the four winds and people began to use them on a daily basis.

At first, it was pure bliss for drivers as it provided ultimate convenience in navigating through routes. But with time, this revolutionary technology raised some irreversible problems. Recently, the debate is about whether these navigation apps are hazardous or still a blessing? For a detailed evaluation of both aspects, let’s dive in.

Is using a navigation app helpful or harmful?

We cannot say whether the navigation app is harmful without analyzing and discussing its overall effect.

Navigation app and it’s negative Impact

Implementation of Shortcuts

Without beating around the bush, the first and foremost reason for such apps becoming harmful is the implementation of shortcuts. Some neighbourhood streets that were never crowded or under drivers’ radar got discovered due to these apps. There might seem like no harm in this, and by no means do we want to drop a bombshell on you but think again.

Higher Risk of Accidents

These streets get jam-packed with traffic and even parked cars, making it inconvenient for the residents to get to their homes or run daily errands. Moreover, it comes as no surprise that such congested areas lead to higher risks of accidents daily. It must make you feel responsible for such adverse circumstances due to having your drivers do the same practices.

Environmental Risks

According to research, over 1 billion drivers use navigation apps all over the world. Due to this, overall traffic has soared up in peaceful and solitary neighbourhoods. Also, using an app distracts the driver from all the routes and re-routes, which can lead to accidents. In addition, all of this is causing unattended air pollution, which is harming the environment. This issue is nothing out of the blue, but you probably didn’t pay much heed to it before today, right?

Navigation app and it’s positive Impact

Exploring New Areas

It is absolutely spot on that such apps did prove to be advantageous despite all the adverse effects. For instance, people don’t have to learn any new routes or go to the maps every time they want to get somewhere. It has made exploring new areas easier and eliminated the chances of getting lost due to being bad with directions.

Quick Estimation

Some apps display the estimated time of reaching the place, the area’s traffic, and the tolls. Who doesn’t want to get to their destination as quickly as possible? That’s why these apps will provide the quickest route available, which seems valuable, but it is harming the road environment at a fast pace. However, it comes handy in emergency situations and sudden plans.

The App That Treats Safety

As a fleet manager, what can you do to improve the road environment that is disrupted due to the excessive use of navigation apps? Well, the Drivestar app is the answer to your road safety problem!

This app will encourage your drivers to be cautious on the road. It monitors your drivers’ driving routine through telematics to explore habits that will prove harmful and must be improved.

Moreover, Drivestar will also keep an eye on dangerous speeding and braking or making sharp turns. Plus, your drivers will get a sense of safe driving with a proper evaluation to consider every aspect.


As an owner of a fleet of drivers, you can step forward to reduce the usage of GPS apps and prevent recurring accidents. So, what are you waiting for? Take the initiative today to create safer road conditions without using any navigation app. You can follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook for more information and regular updates.