New Year’s Resolutions Done Right

Besides staying up late and celebrating, a vital part of welcoming the new year is making resolutions to make the new year better than the concluding one. All of us have our own unique ways in which we wish to improve our lives in the coming year, right?

The new year resolutions list of a majority of the people would consist of improving their health and lifestyle. However, we would like to highlight the little things that are often neglected or taken for granted but hold significant importance in our life. These things may not come to your mind right away, but that’s where we sweep in and save the day!

So, let’s get straight into it!


1.    Improve Driving Skills

You may never have crashed or even been pulled over by the police, but does that make you a perfect and flawless driver? Frankly speaking, whether it comes to driving or to any other skill, there is always room for improvement. That’s exactly what we’re here to help you with!

Do you remember all the rules you had to remember for your driving test? If not, you better make efforts to get them in your head. However, that’s not it; you’ll also have to implement them while on the road!

Adjusting your side mirrors is also one of the good practices to bring improvements in your driving skills. The perfect adjustment would be at such an angle that you can barely see the edge of the vehicle as it would already be visible in the rear-view mirror. An important point to be noted; adjustment isn’t only the thing you have to do, use those mirrors while driving too!

2.    Learn to Do Basic Car Maintenance

It is understandable that scheduling appointments and spending hefty amounts on car maintenance can be quite frustrating. Why not put it on your new year’s resolutions list and learn to do it by yourself?

You must be thinking about how you’ll resolve all the issues since you don’t have any expertise in this matter, and we fear that you’re right, you won’t be able to resolve every issue by yourself.

You can start off by doing some small maintenance tasks like changing your windshield wipers without going through much hassle. Some other simple maintenance tasks include checking the tire pressure and changing the air filter etc.

3.    Check Out Your Road Behavior

We’re all aware of the fact that highway constructions, novice drivers, and traffic jams on the road can be pretty frustrating and can drive you insane. Such reasons may also contribute to causing road rage and potential accidents as well. But is that how you’d want to start off your new year, huh?

Therefore, put it in your new year’s resolutions list to be courteous to other drivers you share the road with. It is essential to know that not everyone drives the way you do, and that’s perfectly fine. If only you let that roll off your back, there is a high chance that you’ll find commutes safer and less stressful.

4.    Driving Economically

The fact that vehicles can negatively affect the environment is often neglected by motorists. According to research, aggressive driving behaviour can decrease the fuel average and increase emissions by a factor of 8.

Now, what would you prefer, reaching your destination a few minutes early and destroying the environment and your vehicle’s fuel average in the process or driving gently and saving up a significant amount on fuel and playing your part in the conservation of the environment? The latter, right? Yeah, that’s what we thought!

Summing It Up the Resolutions

The primary purpose of a new year resolutions list is to improve your life in one way or the other. The resolutions mentioned above are not on everybody’s list as some of us don’t admit that there might be room for improvement while others may not view it to be necessary.

Drivestar has presented this resolution list with the aim that people would take the start of the new year as an opportunity to incorporate small habits that can make a big difference.

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