Why Do We Keep A Score?

Your driver is the key performer, all your business revolves around them. Taking care of your chauffeurs is highly important for the success of your business. Giving your attention to them makes them motivated to do their job well. 

At the same time, keeping a fleet safety score is a modern way of improving your chauffeurs’ satisfaction and your business. You can only improve on something that you know. On something you measure. Fleet safety score provides you with easy metrics to rate your driver’s skills. 

Does knowing your chauffeurs have any positive outcomes for you? What can happen if you stop looking after your hired drivers and focus on other parts of the business instead? Why do you keep a score of your chauffeurs?

These are the questions that may strike your mind. Therefore, we have compiled this guide to help you get the answer to them.

Let’s get started:

Do You Know Your Fleet?

You need to consider so many factors before you declare your driver to be a professional. Therefore, you need to understand your fleet and its behaviour. Also, you need to find out that drivers are optimised enough to deal with any uncertain situations throughout their journey, such as inadequate rest facilities, threats to their vehicle, mediocre road conditions, etc. 

Having a deeper understanding, a look inside, of their conduct will help you figure out the driving skills of your driver. It’s essential for you because, this way, you will understand the barrier that reduces the growth of your business. 

A driver performance score helps you determine the behaviour of your drivers that may need a change.  It comprises of:

  • Sudden or rapid acceleration,
  • And deceleration
  • Harsh braking,
  • Sharp turns.
  • And much more!

Once you know them, you have room to let your fleet embrace positive changes that will lead your business to success. 

Why Should You Care about the Fleet safety Score ?

Keeping track of your driver performance score is always helpful because stats suggest that driver fatigue counts for fatal road accidents in the UK. Bearing these stats in mind, we need to take care of drivers’ health and keep track of driver performance scores to ensure a safe driving experience. 

Here are a few perks that compel you to keep track of your fleet. Let’s dig deeper:

  • Driver Retention Benefits:

It helps you with driver retention. Your driver knows everything about their vehicle, the engine’s efficiency to ensure the regulation and management of the trip. 

When you have all the vehicle data, you won’t ask your driver for any explanation in case of any misconduct, leading them to stay and drive for you with a positive mindset. It aids in the creation of a friendly atmosphere among you and your drivers.

  • Easier Management:

The driver performance score functions to ease the management. It tracks your vehicles on roads to manage routes in real-time. You also support reducing vehicle downtime with the scheduling, and licencing reminds what a driver performance score offers you. 

When you record your driver’s behaviour, you are assisting them in heightening safety awareness. 

  • Cost Benefits:

driver performance score succours you in terms of cost. You spend money on it that pays you in various forms, such as reducing accidents and vehicle maintenance costs. Also, it helps you record the performance of your drivers to cut off extra expenses due to harsh driving. 

  • Downside Of Carelessness:

What if you don’t consider the driver’s performance score and avoid caring about it? You will lose all the perks that it offers to your business. Thus, you would have difficulty in your business management, lower safety of your trips, and extra expenses, adversely affecting your business. 

Summing Up:

In a nutshell, the Fleet safety score is one of the best factors to consider for a better and positive outcome as a transport business owner. Overall, it aids to develop the professional behaviour of your drivers. 

To get the best perks out of the driver performance score, try Drivestar. It functions to encourage collaboration between drivers and management to lower the operational costs and benefit you in your business. 

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