6 Hidden Expenses of Small Fleet Managers

Don’t be a victim of additional fuel costs and maintenance costs. – Generate savings of 12%-14% annually by accuare labour log.

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Take Control Over Fuel Cost

Fleet managers can now save up on overall fuel cost via fleet tracking technology – 8% average drop in fuel cost!

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Use Goal-Line Technology In Your Business

When it comes to human nature, curiosity is an instinct. Imagine yourself going to a sports match, let say soccer, or even watching it on TV.

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Flying home for Christmas? │ Think again

Christmas is an event all hailed with utmost felicity and joy, and we certainly love to spend with our loved ones, isn’t it?

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New Year’s Resolutions Done Right

Besides staying up late and celebrating, a vital part of welcoming the new year is making resolutions to make the new year better than the concluding one.

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Why Do We Keep A Score?

Your driver is the key performer, all your business revolves around them. Taking care of your chauffeurs is highly important for the success of your business. Giving your attention to them makes them motivated to do their job well. 

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Ride-Sharing In The Next 10 Years

Since its beginning, has always had a dominant role in our daily life. Be it a student, employee, or employer, ride-sharing services are equally beneficial. There are so many great names in the ride-sharing industry, including Uber, Lyft, etc. 

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Success Of Your Company Depends On Detecting Your Best Drivers

You might not have given much thought to your driver’s behaviour until now. Whether they have a healthy set of habits or not. But do you know what qualities contribute to good driving behaviour?

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Driver and manager collaboration is necessary | This is why

Bad terms with your drivers make your business suffer severe complications. Driver management plays a crucial role and here are its benefits.

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The Real Effect Navigation App Has On Safe Driving

Did you know the number of road accidents in Europe was reported to be over 5,400 in 2020? Most of these accidents resulted from drivers being distracted. We believe that the culprit behind these accidents were navigation apps.

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