How it works


Your driving behaviour will be assesed based on data from your Cabman BCT. Sign up below so you can show how well you drive.

You will be sent a link to confirm participation. If you already have a data subscription with Cabman, it goes very quickly.

Sometimes the sensor of your Cabman BCT still needs to be calibrated.

From that moment on, we will keep track of and analyse the driving behaviour data of the Cabman BCT. After a few weeks you will get your first Drivestar score..

The competition is between teams of taxi drivers, so that it is not the individual who drives the best that matters, but the group of drivers that show the most improvement..

The award ceremony for The Best Taxi Drivers in the Netherlands is during the TaxiExpo in Houten. Do you want to be on stage there?

The more taxi drivers participate, the more fun it gets. At the same time, they show that the taxi industry considers safe and cleaner driving to be important.

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